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WIAW 12/30/15: Holiday Leftovers & A New Drinking Game

Hola! How’s it going? It’s finally starting to feel like winter around here. We got about 2 inches of snow yesterday which was just enough to make everything look pretty without interrupting traffic too much. Snow is also sooo much better when you don’t have to go or be anywhere. 😉 Ok, onto the food!


A great part about hosting a holiday is having the family over the leftovers. On December 26th Nolan and I found ourselves with a fridge full of food. Never a bad thing. However in Nolan’s mind, leftovers have a very short shelf life. If they are still around 2 days later, it’s too late for them. They are old news. Yesterday’s flavors. Luckily for us, most our weekly leftovers don’t make it past the midnight snack, but with all these leftovers I knew we were gunna need some help. After some research and prep, I put together a leftover inspired menu on Sunday.

Breakfast: A classic crustless breakfast bake with leftover ham, onions, cherry tomatoes, spinach and kale. Not gorgeous but delicious


Football time:


Besides soups and breakfast bakes, my favorite way to utilize leftovers is to make them into appetizers. This week’s tailgate was an excellent use of Christmas leftovers. Confession: There were a few holiday appetizers that went un-photographed/documented this year. One is a new favorite of mine which I stole from my friend Sarah…20151225_184401Skewers with mozzarella, a spinach tortellini, and a cherry tomato. Highly recommended! I made these when my family came over for Xmas dinner and had a few leftover and a ton of mozzarella. I also had bought extra crescent rolls in case my blueberry bake didn’t turn out. With these leftovers and some turkey pepperoni I found in the fridge I made little pizza bites. pizzaThe second holiday appetizer that went undocumented were the

cakesstuffed mushrooms Nolan brought to his family’s Xmas Eve party. He made a combo of sausage stuffed, and seafood stuffed. We had some seafood stuffing leftover and after some Pinteresting I ambitiously decided to make mini seafood cakes. I don’t exactly have a recipe but essentially I added panko break crumbs, hot sauce, and lemon juice to the leftover salad, formed mini patties, froze them for about 20 minutes and then fried them in some oil.

Yes, I overcooked them a little bit. Oh well. I topped each with a dash of lemon and some sriracha ranch. (They were sooooo good and I definitely ate 3 5 of them before halftime of the Pats game.) And because variety is the spice of life, I also cooked up a batch of sriracha potstickers that we had just bought from Tj’s. (review to come)f2aefdc1-7a7f-4d19-ab08-1912333baf12Did I mention it was just Nolan and I watching the game this week?? But no, there were no leftover snacks. 😉

Dinner: The game time snacking kept us full until the late game around 8pm. Because my body was full of fat and salt I decided to give it some veggies. 20151226_131424I used the last of the brussel sprouts and green beans along with some red onion, tomatoes, and sliced beets topped with my favorite Ken’s Italian dressing. It was beautifully festive, and just what my body wanted needed.



Ok, so I am on vacation time. What does that mean? I wake up around 10:30 and go to bed around 1 am. That means lots of late night indulgences. This is actually a snap shot of last night’s late night treat.  A glass of red Cabernet (all of the sudden I LOVE red wine) with a little wine plate. I am in LOVE with this cheese wheel platter that Nolan gave me for Christmas. I took a trip to the fridge and came out with cheddar cheese, xtra sharp white cheddar, turkey pepperoni, TJ’s pumpkin cranberry crackers, and of course some chocolate. I heart blue Symphony chocolate bars. They are filled with toffee and hazelnuts which are my absolute favorite candy. Perfect with wine.

The main reason for this snack is because Nolan and I have been watching a LOT of Food Network at night and you just can’t watch that without eating. It’s torture. We specially love Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and recently made it into a drinking game. You drink anytime Guy says: “Out of bounds”, “off the hook”, or “flavor town”, anytime he is speechless after trying something, or anytime he doesn’t eat an egg on a dish. (he hates eggs which is incredible as a chef. He picks them out of anything he eats.) It’s my new favorite thing and just makes for a fun night with the hubby. 🙂


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