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WIAW {01/20/16}

HUMP DAY! The best thing about having a Monday holiday is that your second day of the work week is the half way mark! Wednesday is a half day for students at my school so it always goes by quick! Onto the food….

Here is a look at a typical day of eats this week! Monday was a holiday and I took full advantage of being home and made some really delicious meals.Breakfast was a spinach omelet with a little cheddar cheese, topped with some ketchup. with a side of Fiber One toast with some LC cheese. Can you tell by my mug that I’m wishing it was summer? 😉d2a1a0ea-0e5d-49ba-9e79-07571df737b9While watching who else but the Pioneer Woman on Food Network, I started craving soup. She threw together a really simple recipe that I knew I could duplicate easily, so after my post breakfast trip to the gym, I stopped into the grocery store for a few ingredients. *Did I mention my new gym is right next to a Stop & Shop?! OH- with a Dunkin Donuts inside?! Heaven to a New England foodie like me. 🙂

Here is the simple recipe for this delicious soup


The portions for this soup are obviously very easy to modify. I made a crap load so I could eat it for lunch all week 🙂

Unphotographed were the 3 clementines, the peach Chobani, and the smallish handful of Lays potato chips because well, they were there lol.

So last week something unbelievable happened. Something that has only happened two other times in the past 7 years. Nolan had a kitchen fail. I am unbelievably lucky to have a husband who loves to cook, and kicks ass at it. I love everything he makes (sometimes it’s too spicy for me though ;-)) and rarely does anything go wrong when he is in the kitchen. He worked from home one day last week, and I came home from the gym around 5:00 to the sexiest sight of all….Nolan putting dinner in the oven. Since I typically get home 1-2 hrs before him every day, I cook dinner 98% of weekdays so this was a nice treat! HOWEVER, idk wtf he did, but his meatloaf was a complete disaster. We ended up having pasta for dinner but meatloaf had been on my mind ever since. So Monday night I used this old recipe to make some turkey meatloaf muffins!3b276cea-3e35-43d1-a7b8-827097482aad

I LOVE these little nuggets, and I definitely need to work them into our dinner menu more often! They came out delectably but I tried not to rub it in too much for Nolan’s sake 😉e0fbea76-94f2-4d1b-bab9-d2c0802d5eeeI served them up with some steamed cauliflower and a small salad with beets, green beans, tomatoes and red onion.1f89286a-56d8-406e-a2a8-c4fc8880ca80

Recently after dinner I have been craving something chocolaty and hot cocoa has really been hitting the spot!58f06a9f-cf71-4d46-9bb3-b26a7a1d116d


One thing I love about going to the gym is that I am exhausted at the end of the day. Most nights I am asleep in my chair by 10:00 which helps eliminate any late night snacking. 🙂

What was your most recent kitchen fail?

Who does the cooking in your house?

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