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I started to put together my typical WIAW post, but I really didn’t have much great food to share due to being sick.

How’s it going?

I am relieved to report that whatever I was sick with on Monday was only a 24 hr bug and I am back to feeling like a human. Luckily I was feeling better (had nothing left to throw up) by the time we had to leave for the Muse concert we were going to. I would have been so upset if I missed this show! Nolan got me into this band when we started dating 10 yrs ago and we both love their new stuff. There are few bands that Nolan and I both really like so when I saw that Muse was going to be playing in Boston I immediately bought Nolan tickets for Christmas. Unfortunately, Nolan came home from work later that day and said “hey, did you hear that Muse is coming to Boston?! I tried to win tickets on the radio today but I think I’m just gunna buy us tickets anyway.” That’s the price to pay of being on the same page constantly. I knew we didn’t need 4 tickets to the concert so I told him about my purchase before that happened and instead of a Christmas present we decided to call it a date night.

I had heard that Muse puts on a spectacular show but I was in no way prepared for last night’s performance. It was incredible and has ruined all future shows for me. With every song they sang there was a visual effect or prop or things falling from the ceiling. We both just watched in awe and enjoyed every second of their 2 hr set. (sry my phone camera sucks)

20160125_21054620160125_21343720160125_223522 We took the T into Boston for the show which saved us $50 but meant we had a 90 minute ride home. As we both struggled not to fall asleep on the Green Line at 11:45 on a Monday night, Nolan whispered, “when did we get old?!” So true. We were in bed by 1 but I woke up yesterday feeling mentally and physically exhausted. Luckily yesterday was a field trip day, so I didn’t have to be my usual teacher-self. And it was my favorite trip of the year…..20160126_122216Each year we bring the 5th graders to Gillette Stadium where we tour the Hall and do a series of math activities. This is one of those field trips where 100 parents sign up to come (shocker) so there was very little for me to do. 🙂

This year’s trip was very depressing and really brought to life all those disappointing feelings I had on Sunday following the Patriots loss. The stadium was empty and being cleared out for the end of the season. 🙁

Progress reports are due on Friday so I came home after work and got into my pajamas to do some last minute editing. Nolan had taken the day off and when I got home he was in the process of making us an early dinner. Yes, I know how spoiled I am. 😉 I could tell he did nothing but watch tv all day because that always makes him feel guilty which results in him throwing lots of time and energy into food. Cordon bleu, stuffed with swiss cheese and ham and baked to perfection. OMG was it good and moist and flavorful. I said “The chicken is amazing! What is this coated in?” to which he replied “Secrets.” so I do not have a recipe to share.  LOL I was however able to finish up my reports and get to bed at a normal time so it was a definite win for me!


What was the last concert you went to?

What’s the most memorable field trip you went on in school?

Anything good happening this week?

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