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A Weekend Away: Part 2

Morning! Yesterday I filled you in on the first day of our little weekend away to Newport RI. Here is the rest of the trip!

When Sunday morning came, I knew I was in store for another day of food and fun and since it was Valentine’s Day I let Nolan sleep in and I went to the hotel fitness center to get in a workout.


Nolan was getting out of the shower when I got back so as soon as I got cleaned up we headed out for the day. Since we both loved the local beer we had the previous night at dinner we headed over to the brewery for a taste and a tour! The Newport Storm Brewery released it’s first beer in 1999. Although it is sold everywhere in Rhode Island, I have never seen it offered here in Massachusetts so we were excited to visit the brewery. For $9 we were able to sample any 4 or their 5 beers currently being made, a look inside the brewery and a souvenir glass.

We got our beer card, selected our 4 and got drinking! We tried the Blueberry Beer, the Spring Irish Red, the IPA, and the Annual Release 15. We had both had the Hurricane Amber Ale at dinner the previous night so we didn’t sample it again.

20160214_133724 20160214_133242

We had a fantastic time- lots of laughs. My favorite beer was the Annual Release. It smelled like bacon and left me craving pancakes. Although it was my favorite, I’m not sure I would be able to drink more than one glass. It was really filling!

After our tasting we decided we better get some food because all that beer on an empty stomach would be dangerous. 😉 So we went in search of another local spot that was recommended.


The Red Parrot has a tropical island inspired menu. There were lots of seafood options and lots of unique flavors. We had an impossible time deciding what to get so we decided to share a few appetizers for some fun variety. 20160214_143726

Shark Bites!!!Chunks of fresh Mako Shark, batter-fried, served with spicy cocktail sauce

Cajun Lobster and Shrimp Fritters –Lobster and Shrimp fritters fried golden brown, served with caribbean sauce

Jamaican Jerk WingsWings tossed in honey and butter and coated in Jamaican Jerk dry spices. Straight from the Caribbean, served with Ranch dressing

Yes, we ate shark! And it was great! It basically tasted like less fishy haddock. It’s really firm and goes great with a spicy tarter sauce. 🙂

But the show stopper and probably the best thing I have eaten in..a really really long time were the jerk wings. OH.MY.GOD. There was so much spice on these things that at first they looked intimidating but the flavor was so amazing and juicy and just incredible. When the wings were gone we ate the remaining sauce by the spoonful. Just incredible.

Since we ate much more than we planned and a few local events were once again cancelled because of the cold weather we headed back to the hotel to relax. We had planned to have a nice dinner somewhere but we were both still full until about 9 pm and by then we were too lazy to go anywhere. So our romantic night involved watching The Walking Dead in bed with champagne in plastic cups and Chinese take out. And it was perfect.


It was a great trip and so fun to get away for a few days. Although I got a workout in and we did a lot of walking, I definitely consumed way too much junk. No regrets, just anxious to get back on track this week. I am so excited to have the rest of the week off. 🙂

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