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WIAW {02/17/16}

Oh how I love vacation! There is something just so magical about not having to be anywhere at any given time. However it is far too easy to just sleep and lay around and watch your vacation go by so one thing I do during vaca is make sure I get up when Nolan does. He normally gets up and showers about a half hour after I have already left for work so I am still sleeping in later than usual. It’s amazing how easy it is to get out of bed when you don’t have to go to work 😉 Plus, this ensures that when I DO go back to work it be a total shock to the system to be up so early.

So earlier this week Nolan went to the store for lettuce and came home with a 9 pound turkey. Yup. 9 pounds. “It was only $5! How could I not buy it?!” So we covered the turkey in a blend of salt, pepper, sage, thyme, and rosemary and olive oil and 3 hours later it was gorgeous.


After we made a little Thanksgiving feast….2fbef3d8-a0fc-4251-80fe-a48d323e1b81

….we still had about 7 pounds of leftover turkey. SO needless to say I have been eating a.lot.of.turkey this week.


I am seriously in love with this omelet flavor combo. Shredded turkey with American cheese topped with cranberry sauce. It’s incredibly good and packed with protein.


This breakfast gave me tons of energy and I had my best run at the gym! Another huge perk to vacation- being able to work out whenever I want. I love getting my run done before lunch.

9cfe9293-236d-4bf6-810b-9eb75f6aae51After my workout I snacked on a yogurt mess consisting of vanilla Chobani, fresh blueberries and some crushed up Special K Vanilla Almond cereal, Great combo!


After my snack I showered up, did some dishes, and cleaned up a bit. Then I got ready for my very exciting laundry date with Mom! I love our new apartment, but there isn’t a washer and dryer or onsite laundry which is a huge drawback. But they, we do have a pool so…. 😉 Anyway, my mom also had a lot to do so we met up to keep each other company. I brought with me the other half of a ham and cheese sub from Subway for lunch.IMAG4465For dinner I wanted to shake up the turkey a bit so I made a batch of turkey enchiladas. I mixed some shredded turkey with chunky salsa, red enchilada sauce, and black beans and piled it into whole wheat tortillas with shredded cheese.


I baked them for 10 minutes and then broiled for 3 minutes to melt the cheese and add some crisp to the tortillas.

16f81eb9-2b67-4adf-9044-ead5fa66c81dI forget how much I like enchiladas! I really need to make these more. They are pretty simple and a great use of leftovers!  I served them up with some steamable sugar snap peas.


After dinner I was craving something sweet so I helped myself to a spoonful or two of cocoa cookie butter.


What a sweet way to end the day.

Would you believe that after all these leftover meals we still have 2 pounds of turkey in the fridge. As we speak I am doing some Pinteresting and looking for some other creative ways to utilize this ingredient. 🙂


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