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Day In The Life: #1

In reading my usual blogs I have been seeing a lot of “Day in the life” posts that give readers a look into the blogger’s everyday life. I always enjoy getting a behind the scenes look into the lives of the people I read about so I thought I would try one of my own. I also did this for myself. I love looking back at my old posts and seeing how things have changed over the years. 🙂

6:35 am-   Alarm goes off. I turn it off so it doesn’t wake Nolan, and drag myself out of bed. I take my thyroid meds, chug some water and head into the bathroom to get ready for the day.

6:40 am- Brush my teeth and hair and put on some make up. I am NOT a morning person so I make sure I shower before I go to bed, making my morning routine pretty quick. Since I am a 5th grade teacher, my make-up regimen is pretty simple. No glitz, no glam. I also don’t straighten or do much with my hair. The more I do, the more static-y my hair gets in the winter!20160224_204650


6:50 am- Quietly sneak back into the bedroom and get dressed without waking Nolan up. Success!


6:55 am-  Head downstairs and grab some breakfast. Luckily I made a batch of blueberry scones over the weekend so breakfast has been an easy meal to make. I made a cup of cinnamon bun coffee in my newest coffee mug courtesy of my cousin Monica 🙂 How cute is it?!


7:05 am-  Since it’s been about 30 minutes since I took my thyroid medication I can eat my breakfast. Nothing good is on at 7am unless you are 3 years old, so I watch 7 News and also check my emails and confirm an 8 am meeting.

7:30 am- Grab my lunch from the fridge that Nolan actually made for me (I was way too tired the night before to make a sandwich so he made one for me 🙂 ) and head out the door.

7:31 am- Run back into the house because I forgot the book for the class I am taking that meets at 3:30!

Jam out to the Today’s Alternative station on Pandora while sitting in traffic

7:58 am- Get to work just in time for my meeting!

8:30 am-  My students arrive and the fun really starts….



9:45 am- I drop my kids off at P.E class and make myself another cup of coffee in the teacher’s lounge and eat a Vanilla Chobani.


12:00 pm- Wednesday’s are half day’s for the students in my district. They leave at noon and teachers have meetings and things until 3.  I escaped my classroom for a bit and ate my sandwich in the teacher’s room and finished my reading for a class I have in the afternoon. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. 😉


12:30 pm- Run to the bathroom, grab some chocolate from the office and text with my brother Brian about the speech he gave in his public speaking class.

12:45 pm-  Grab my laptop and head to a literacy meeting for the 3rd 4th and 5th grade teachers about upcoming units and teaching strategies.

2:00 pm- I get out of my meeting feeling a bit stressed. I look over my lesson plans for the next day, clean up my classroom (it was a disaster!) and head to the copy room to make copies for the next day. Once everything is organized and my desk doesn’t like a tornado swept through, I take some time to work on another assignment I have for another class I am currently taking. (I’m taking 4……)

2:55 pm- I sneak out of work a few minutes early to make sure I can stop and grab a coffee before heading to my afternoon class. It’s being held at another elementary school in my district but it’s on the opposite end of town.

3:25 pm- Get to class with a few minutes to spare. This class is called Reasoning Algebraically about the Operations and it’s all about learning math strategies for elementary teachers. Let me just say, thank god they had snacks. It was a long 3 hours.

After you get a master’s degree, the next educational step up (and big pay boost) for teachers is acquiring a “master’s plus 30”- that’s a master’s plus an additional 30 credits of course work. My school district teams up with a local university and sets up in-district classes to help teachers get their credits. After I finish the courses I am currently in I will have 12 credits. *Chipping away!!! *

6:30 pm- Class ends and I finally head home for the day!

6:50 pm-  Get home and dive head first into the burrito that Nolan got me on his way home from work at Carl’s. Carl’s is an amazing steak sub shop that secretly has the BEST burritos I have ever had. They are gigantic and packed with all the fixings. Nolan got me the M.O.A.B (Mother of All Burritos)– Steak, Rice, Black Beans, Salsa, Lettuce, Sour Cream, Guacamole, Chipotle Sauce, Melted Cheddar & Jack Cheese.

20160224_190446As you can see, I can get my hand halfway around this thing……It’s epic and delicious, and a whole bunch of other things that words cannot adequately describe. I got 3/4 of the way through and had to throw in the towel. Nolan happily finished it for me. 🙂 We caught up on each others’ day and I told him about my boring class.

7:30 pm- I think for a second about going to the gym. (My current after-work class schedule is seriously impacting my usual after-work gym routine.) But then that burritoy goodness hits my stomach and I realize I am not moving the rest of the night.

7:45 pm- Before the burrito food coma set in, I jumped in the shower, put on my pjs and caught up on my social media. I cannot end my day without watching the Rundown on Barstool Sports. 🙂

20160224_2053368:00 pm- I catch up on some blogging and watch my dvr’d shows, New Girl and Just Jillian.

9:30 pm-  Before I fall asleep, I head to the kitchen to pack my lunch for the next day. I also make sure the Keurig has plenty of water in it for my coffee the next day. The less I have to think in the morning, the better! 

10ish pm-  Out cold on the couch.

11:00pm – Nolan brings me up to bed



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    This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me.
    Thanks a lot!
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