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Fact Filled Friday

TGIF! A few¬†things have been on my mind lately, so I thought I would throw them altogether in one post. ūüôā

  1. I took a much needed mental health day today. I always feel sooo guilty about taking days off but I really needed a breather. I used my morning off to take Casey the dog on a 4 mile hike.hike
  2. Volleyball started back up last night and I forgot how much I missed competition! It felt sooo good to get back with the group and have some friendly competition. I won’t lie…I’m a bit sore today!
    unnamed (26)

    Our group on Halloween!

    3. I am obsessed with these MPOW Cheetah bluetooth headphones Nolan got me for Christmas. Confession: I thought they¬†accidentally¬†got thrown away in the post-holiday craziness so I was BEYOND THRILLED when I found them last weekend! They make running so much easier (anyone else have issues with the¬†cord¬†always pulling¬†your earbuds out of your¬†ears?!?!) and the sound quality is excellent. I heart my nerd husband. ūüôā

4. I also love this new necklace I bought online. Untitled

5. ¬†I have class all day on Saturday and there is nothing I am dreading more. ūüôĀ

6. We are supposed to get snow on Sunday/Monday. SNOW! I am 1000% in spring mode, like I packed up all my winter clothes, in spring mode. The thought of having to shovel and possibly having another snow day makes me nauseous.

7. ¬†Nolan and I are in the midst of planning our next vacation! Right now we have no trips planned at all this year so I was so siked when Nolan texted me on Thursday saying lets book something! He always loves the trips we go on, but I usually have to plan and initiate. Right now we are looking out west, like San Diego or Denver. I’m just excited to have something to look forward to!

8. I felt officially old with the passing of this year’s St. Patty’s Day. My festivities included wearing silly accessories to work, which my 5th graders appreciated, and then after volleyball I had a beer and a half and fell asleep on the couch at 9:30.

9- Nolan worked from home today so we have been preparing a boiled dinner together all day. I forgot how long corned beef and cabbage take to cook!

10- This weekend is the official start to spring! What am I most looking forward to? The beer (I have already had a lemon shandy or two), the produce, and the vitamin D!

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