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Sausage and Tatertot Casserole

Hey, how’s it going?

This year Easter was very low key, so I decided to play host and have my mom, brother Chris, and my friend Sarah over for an easy brunch. I knew I bought a small, pre-cooked/sliced ham, bought asparagus and fruit,  but I wanted to make something new and fun to serve. After some searching, I found something that sounded too good to pass up!


You had me at tater tot! Seriously though, who doesn’t like tater tots?! And at a brunch? They double as a breakfast and a lunch side. Plus, the ingredients were very simple and easy to toss together and even prep before hand. Those characteristics are always a priority for me in the kitchen.

recipesYes, I did use the tater tots frozen but when you mix them with the cooked ground sausage, they immediately thaw out.


I had high hopes, but this dish far exceeded my expectations. I was a huge hit with the brunch crew and Nolan could not stop complimenting! WIN WIN. I put a little ketchup on it for a truly unhealthy topping but man was it perfect. This and the Blueberry Crescent Roll Bake are my two go-to brunch recipes now.


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