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Monday Montage: Exciting Weekend

I had the most incredible weekend. My cousin Julie who is a few months older than I am was visiting with her husband and their 7 month old baby who we were all dying to meet! They live in Alabama so we are lucky to see them once a year or two. Julie and I have always been close. We were the first two grandchildren on that side of the family and even though her family moved away when we were in 1st grade, we have remained great friends.


It was great to see her and her husband but meeting her little girl was an unreal experience. As a 28 yr old, not many people close to me have kids yet, and none that I’ve known all my life. I was just in such awe of what my cousin created. She’s perfect.


It was sooo hard to say goodbye to this little nugget. Next time we see her she will be walking and talking!

My weekend also consisted of some delicious cupcakes! My aunt owns a bakery called CocoBeni Confections which sells the most delicious and creative cupcakes. Choosing a flavor is always impossible so I picked out two during my visit this weekend, Oreo, and lemon raspberry.

4c1f283f-e6b8-4c61-9cc9-f6d1c0e7d28fThe Oreo was delicious. Not too rich, full of flavor, and exactly like an Oreo. HOWEVER, the lemon raspberry was so incredible and possibly my new favorite flavor. The cake was filled with lemon goodness and just tasted like spring.

Which was about the only spring I was feeling this weekend. It has snowed more in the last week than it did all winter and it’s depressing. 10 days ago it was 70 degrees, sunny, and birds were chirping their asses off. Today, I shoveled out my car…. Hoping I can finally put my winter coat away for good!

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