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WIAW: {4/06/16}

Oh has this been a tiring week. On Tuesday I had to attend a class all day which meant instead of being at school teaching, I was sitting in a chair for 7 hrs. I do NOT understand how people work at a desk all day! After 3 hrs and countless snacks later, I was dying for some movement. And snacking! I felt like I needed a constant intake of food to keep me going.

This week we are wrapping up parent teacher conferences which is always exhausting. I love being able to share my students’ accomplishments with their parents but it adds a whole other level of stress to the week.

Ok, onto the food!

Last week I started another facebook fitness group which has already helped me get back on track with photographing my food. I have not been able to make up my mind about breakfast this week. So why choose? Toast #1- Laughing Cow + avocado. Toast #2- sunny-side up egg and ketchup

04368b03-12db-4b7a-8f5b-5d2ac60af1e7I am loving avocado lately and have been putting it on everything.

Snack attack- I just could not help myself at the store last week. I had to pick up another box of these crisps. I think I like the spinach and garlic flavor better than the original. Confession: the box lasted 2 servings…..


Since last weekend was so busy, Sunday night came around and after that crazy Walking Dead finale I realized I had nothing to eat for lunches and 1000% no desire to cook. Luckily I married Superman. “Want me too cook you all the chicken in the fridge?” I smiled, and before I could even say yes he was on his way to the kitchen.


It’s not pretty, but I’ve been enjoying chicken breasts and snap peas for lunch. I was too lazy/asleep when packing my lunch to put any type of seasoning or sauce on the chicken but it still filled me up and kept me going through the afternoon.

Dinner was pulled pork in the crock pot and a side salad. Oh how I love coming home to the smell of a cooked dinner!


A few hrs after dinner I was craving something sweet and salty to much on while binge watching Law and Order SVU…


Trader Joe’s microwave popcorn (130 calories per bag!) and a few Easter m&ms sprinkled in. Perfection!

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