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WIAW {05/04/16}

It’s been way too long since I did a WIAW post! These are always some of my favorite posts because I love sharing the ingredients and foods I am currently digging, and hopefully give all of you some culinary ideas. Some of my favorite blogs to read, I stumbled upon through WIAW posts. So here is a look at Sunday’s eats.

Weekends are rough when it comes to food. I had a bowl of Special K poured and before I added the milk I started craving an omelet stuffed with red onion, tomatoes, and avocado.

20160501_094724I just love weekend breakfasts. Nolan sleeps in past 10 most weekends but my internal clock gets me up at 6:30 regardless of the day (or time zone as I discovered in Colorado!) I really enjoy taking the time to make myself a hot breakfast while watching the morning news. During the week by breakfasts are pre-made or grab and go which is very convenient but not the same as something hot and fresh. Plus, cooking always relaxes me and helps me de-stress which is the perfect way to start a weekend.

Sunday afternoon we were out at open houses most of the day, and by 2:00 I was STARVING After a late afternoon trip to Trader Joe’s where I bought way too much, I snacked on a few handfuls of these in the car….Okay. most of the bag is gone.  If you haven’t tried them, do it, they are sooo good!


As I mentioned in Sunday’s post, I was really hoping to make something fun with Nolan for dinner. We wandered around the grocery store for quite some time because as always we were being very indecisive. “Let’s see if the meat speaks to us.” Nolan decided. Oh how I love that man. 🙂  Finally we decided we both really wanted stuffed mushrooms! I raided the produce section while Nolan picked out some ground sausage and cheese. But then we got to the final aisle in the grocery store and Nolan spotted the pizza dough and decided he needed pizza. “Stuffed mushroom …….pizza?!” I proposed and Nolan’s face lite up. We changed the plan and created….


Stuffed mushroom pizza! OH.MY.GAWD was this pizza incredible. This was easily, EASILY one of the best things we have made in a long time. It was the perfect combo of salty and savory. I will post the recipe soon but I will leave you with this…sausage, mushrooms, bacon.

The pizza kept us pretty full until about 7pm. I was feeling ambitious so I made myself a little ghetto wine plate and started working on progress reports.


Yes, I had some wine on a Sunday night – along with a handful of TJ’s reduced guilt pita chips, green grapes and a serving of Laughing Cow. Perfect little bedtime snack. 🙂

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