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Last Week’s Eats

Sunday night was of course, the now legendary stuffed mushroom pizza.


Monday night:

We had some leftover bacon (did you know there was such a thing?!)  from Sunday night’s pizza, so Monday night we made bacon cheese burgers! It’s funny how seasons make you crave certain foods. With summer so close I can take it we have been craving more cookout friendly meals.


Tuesday night:

What would a week in the Sullivan house be without a pork tenderloin? I can never pass these up when they are BOGO at the store so we always have one or 3 in the freezer. I served this one up with some green beans and no, not mashed potatoes, but mashed cauliflower! This was an accident. I tried to rice the cauliflower and ended up mashing the hell out of it and just had to run with it. I am so glad this happened because mashed cauliflower may be my new favorite thing! Recipe to come.

20160502_175151Wednesday night I got very creative. I created a shrimp and avocado dish that was so incredible to eat, and even pretty to look at-which is not always the case in our kitchen.

20160504_174535 20160504_174539

Thursday night was leftover night. I scarfed down a leftover hamburger and some mashed cauliflower before heading to volleyball.

Friday Nolan and I went out for dinner after meeting with our realtor to look at another property. While we didn’t love the house, we did love the sushi we ate at Ten-Ichi. This is an old photo, but we got most of the same rolls.


After this sushi dinner, I was asleep on the couch by 8. Another wild Friday night for this teacher. 🙂

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