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This Week’s Eats {4-24-17}

Over the past 2 years I have become a food prep-er. I really enjoy (we weird as it sounds) spending my Sundays prepping ingredients and cooking meals for the week.

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At 29 years old I have given up on the thought that I will EVER be a morning person. I shower at night and wake up 20 minutes before I need to leave every morning. This means every conscious morning decision needs to already be made for me, ie what to eat for breakfast and what to pack for lunch.

This year what has really helped me save time and stay on track calorie wise each week has been making one thing that I have for breakfast each morning, one thing that I have for lunch each day, and having a weekly snack.

I’m sure that some of you are thinking “how can you eat the same thing for breakfast everyday for a week?!” Look, I’m asleep until I’m halfway to work. I don’t need to be making food-decisions at 7am. Plus as a teacher, I’m lucky if I get 15 minutes to eat my lunch so I honestly don’t care what I eat. Hell it’s usually being scarfed down while I’m teaching a math lesson. It’s not a time of day that I look forward to, as those who work in an office do. This strategy works for me. I save money, don’t waste food, and can manage my calories successfully. I try to keep my breakfast + lunch + snack =close to 750 calories because in our house dinner is where we get creative. Because it’s something we both eat and sometimes make together, it’s good to have a lot of calories to spend.

For breakfast this week I’m eating two eggs Image result for trader joe's shaved brussel sproutssunny side up on a bed of Shaved Brussels Sprouts from Trader Joe’s and a side of  fresh cantaloupe.

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I am obsessed with Trader Joe’s and this has become one of our staples. I will go through two of these bags a week for breakfast, and at about $2.50 a bag, you really can’t get much cheaper. I only cooked up one bag on Sunday night and once those are gone I’ll cook the other bag probably Wednesday. From experience-they should be eaten within 2 days of cooking them. I top it with some salt, pepper, and of course ketchup. I cannot eat my eggs without ketchup or salsa.

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This week I’m keeping snack simple- Chobani of various flavors.  I’m going with the fat free ones this week because my lunch has lots of fat. *Balance*

Lunch this week is another Trader Joe’s find. I really like their chicken sausages and at 110 calories per link they are hard to beat and easy to portion. We have bought several kinds of TJ’s chicken sausages in the past and I especially recommend the sun-dried tomato ones which go great on pizza! This week I bought two packs of the Sweet Italian Style.

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They come with 5 links in each pack for $3.99 each so this week I am bringing two for lunch each day with a mixture of mushrooms peppers and onions. I cooked one package on Sunday night and I’ll cook the second pack on Wednesday to keep it fresh-ish. Doing the math- this comes out to be under $2 per lunch.

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I think this took me…15 minutes to cook? That includes cutting the veggies, and now I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to have for lunch each day. Done. Bam.

I have some fun and creative things planned for dinners this week which I can now devote all of my culinary energy into. When I have to make too many food decisions in one day I get overwhelmed and sometimes take a real “fuck it” attitude and end up munching on something stupid without doing any real cooking.

So hopefully this gives you an idea on how you can do some simple food prep or a new ingredient to try!

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