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1 Year Later- Fitness

This past year has had MANY ups and downs fitness/weight wise. The stress/time/ that goes into buying and moving into a house really kept me out of the gym and caused me to gain some serious weight. Honestly, I just got comfortable being bigger and didn’t care much. I was still really active- Brian and I started off every day over the summer with a 3-5 mile hike with Casey the Dog- but it certainly wasn’t enough activity to counter the amount I was eating and lets be honest, drinking.

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June 2016

In September a family friend moved and gave us their treadmill and it has been incredible. I was running 2-3 times a week but wasn’t really pushing myself. My mom got me a Fitbit for Christmas which turned everything around. I loved my Jawbone Tracker but the Fitbit can do and track soo much more.

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November 2016

Since Christmas I have lost almost 20 pounds and I am proud as HELL. I am back to the healthy weight I was when I got married, something I had given up thinking was possible years ago. One of the worst parts about having hypothyroidism is how easy it is to put on weight and how impossible it can be to get rid of it. After 5 years I now know that for me, I have to work twice as hard and workout everyday if I want to see some progress. It’s a pain in the ASS, but I have managed 40 active minutes every day since Christmas. That’s 4 consecutive months.

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I am the smallest I have been in 5 years and the happiest because of how strong and active I have become.

So here is what I’m doing…

  • I owe most of my success to my brother Brian and my cousin Kelly. Each week we do a Fitbit challenge to see who can get the most steps and it’s a huge motivator. We are all pretty competitive people…

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  • Nolan got me a punching bag for Christmas which I’m obsessed with. Putting on those gloves makes you feel so badass and hitting something…..feels so good. It’s also the first time I have done significant upper body workouts. I am getting faster and stronger and hoping to tone up my arms. But mostly, it’s a great way to release any pent up aggression or anxiety.

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  • Setting up a home gym that’s functional and easily accessible has been a major development. Having a house with a basement gives me that extra space I need and I genuinely like being down there.

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  • Monday’s after school I am in a fitness class for teachers. I’ve tried out a few new workouts and taking a more HIIT approach to my workouts.
  • It’s volleyball season! For the 6th(?) year, Nolan and I are in a rec league that plays for 2 hrs Thursday nights in the spring. It’s such a fun way to be active and competitive. We have a blast playing both together and against each other each week and it adds a special component to our relationship.

Besides these scheduled workouts, being an elementary school teacher comes with the perk (or curse depending on your mood) of never sitting down. I am constantly moving all day and typically have 5k-6k steps after an average day of work. I cannot fathom having a desk job and being stuck in one place for long periods of time. If I need an extra thousand steps to pull ahead of Brian I just walk around the classroom during read aloud or take the kids out for extra recess ;-).

So right now I am very very active. I feel like I’m in a good rhythm and I’m liking the diversity of my days. I am hoping to keep this going and continue to enjoy getting faster and stronger.

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