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This Week’s Eats: {05/01/17}

Hey there! This weekend was a blast, as we celebrated Nolan’s 30th birthday! I have no idea how we got this old and it was great to celebrate will all our friends and family. Even with all the weekend festivities, Sunday was still a day of food prep.This week’s eats are all about protein. For breakfast this week I made a little ground turkey mixture with mushrooms peppers and onions. I have been on a little bit of an egg overload and needed a change in flavor.

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Eating meat in the morning always makes me feel more full, like I ate a ton of food- even if it’s less than 200 calories per serving. Each morning I will heat up a portion, sprinkle on a little cheese and of course a little ketchup. 🙂

Snack this week is a 1/2ish cup of cottage cheese topped with fresh strawberries. This will keep me full and energized throughout the morning.

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Lunch consists of 4ish oz of grilled chicken and roasted vegetables. The chicken and roasted veggie combo has been a stereotypical lunch for me this year. It’s soooo easy to prep and a delicious way to get meat and vegetables into my daily eats. When is comes to roasting vegetables, I try to pick 3-4 different ones to cook. Sometimes it’s eggplant, or spaghetti squash or carrots or peppers. This week I went with a butternut squash + mushroom + onion combo.

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I lazily half peeled the butternut squash and cut it into bite sized pieces. I drizzled it with a little extra virgin olive oil and baked it at 450 degrees for 20 minutes. (if you salt the squash before it cooks, it gets really dry in the oven so wait until after it’s done) While the squash cooked I cut a package of mushrooms into quarters and cut the onions into chunks.  When the 20 minutes were up I added them to the squash, tossed in a little more oil and finished it off for 25 minutes in the oven.

Meanwhile, I took advantage of the grill being on and had Nolan grill me up 2 split chicken breasts that I covered in Montreal Spicy Chicken seasoning.


After this pic was taken I portioned them into about 4 oz chunks (I have a food scale) to make packing my lunches even easier. Since I’m not swimming in tupperware over here, I keep everything in these large glass Pyrex containers and when I get home from work each day I quickly refill my to-go Pyrex and I’m set.

So that’s what this week’s eats looks like. It brings me to about 700 calories which is right where I wanna be, leaving me lots of dinner possibilities -maybe even a glass of wine 😉


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