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Date Night: Homemade Fisherman’s Platter

A few weeks ago Nolan and I decided to reinstate date night. Yes, we are both home together most nights, but we are usually each doing our own thing. Typically after a day of work I come home and have dinner cooked by the time Nolan gets home. It’s certainly one of the perks to getting out at 3:05 each day and I enjoy doing it. After we eat together he tends to spend the night on his computer playing games or finishing up a work project, while I catch up on the latest videos on Barstool Sports and get in a workout. We occupy the same space but might go 3 hrs without talking.

Bring in date night.

We have been doing these off and on for a few years now. We pick one night a week where we do something together and give each other our full attention. The best part of date night is that we switch off who has to plan it. For two VERY indecisive people, having that planning pressure off your chest every other week is magical. Plus, it makes it more like an authentic date. 🙂20170425_184908

This week was Nolan’s turn to plan and I was sooo excited when he came home with groceries and told me we were making a fisherman’s platter. Fisherman’s Platters are a vacation tradition and favorite of ours that we only enjoy in the summer. Nolan came home with scallops, clam strips, shrimp, and haddock. Because we are 30 and can’t just eat our weight in fried food without feeling disgusting the next day, we lightly breaded and baked the shrimp, seared the scallops, and then made a beer batter for the fish and of course, onion rings.

We had a blast and made such a mess in the kitchen but boy was it worth it.




Seafood + white wine =perfection. I think total this cost $25 which is as delicious and cost efficient date in my book!


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