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Monday Montage: Too Much Bourbon

It’s been a year since I posted a weekend wrap up! Here are some pics and a recap from this past weekend which went by wayyy too fast.

Friday night Nolan and I went out for our weekly date night to a new restaurant in the area Bourbon’s. This was the second time I had been there (in 2 weeks actually) but he had never been so I decided that was the place to go-since it was my turn to plan. More on that later this week

Saturday was an absolutely boring, lazy day. It did involve a pretty great breakfast though..



No makeup till I wakeup.

I got my workout done nice and early and then Nolan and I started binging Bloodline and we.are.hooked…which is why we didn’t do much moving from 11-5.

Related image

Eventually we got off the couch long enough to make some bandwagon cocktails…


I sipped a julep as I watched the 40 second race and then promptly grabbed a beer. I’m sure I will appreciate bourbon one day, but for now its IPA city.

Sunday morning was 1000% more productive. It started with an earlyish walk at Callahan State Park which is in full bloom right now.

20170429_093105After the park we headed over to the annual Paws in the Park event. Paws in the Park is a fundraiser/awareness event for the local dog shelters to showcase the dogs available for adoption. There is food, music, doggy vendors and events and of course some adorable pups.


My favorite paw in the park, Casey!

Since we got off to an early start we were home by 1 and I was feeling productive so I spent a few hours working on 2 online courses I am currently taking for professional development.


And we settled on takeout for dinner….



And I finished up with some food prep!


More on that to come! Enjoy the week.

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