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Date Night: Bourbon’s Kitchen

Last week is was my turn to plan date night. The previous week my brother Chris and I13335986_1750823215183939_3909496500259967828_n took our mom out to a new restaurant called Bourbon’s Kitchen which has really fun cocktails and had a great experience. Looking over the menu I knew it was a place Nolan would love to eat (and drink!) So when it was my turn to take him out on a hot date I knew where I wanted to go!


This restaurant doesn’t take reservations so when we showed up and no tables were available we volunteered to sit in the lounge area. Mistake. The lounge has  chairs and really low tables which made Nolan look like Will Farrell in Elf sitting down to dinner in the North Pole.

Image result for elf dinner will ferrell

Luckily we were planning on focusing on the fun cocktails and only ordering a few appetizers to share.

For a drink I went with the Grapefruit Rose Sangria -honoro vera rosé, combier pamplemousse, citrus vodka. It was incredible. Absolutely incredible and if it hadn’t been $10 a pop I would have drank 3 or 4 of these EASY.  For food, I had of course stalked the website and already picked out what I wanted before we got there (like mother like daughter) so we got an order of … (all pics are from their facebook page because Nolan hates when I take pictures of food in public but I love him anyway)

Crispy Brussels-Chopped brussels, smothered in a delicious truffle aioli and topped with shaved parm cheese.Image may contain: food and indoor

The nachos- pepper jack cheese, street corn, jalapeños, and cilantro

Image may contain: food and indoor

Both were incredible and very filling. We sipped our drinks and nibbled shoveled in our food with satisfaction. It felt so great to take Nolan to a place he hadn’t been to before and see him take it the food and atmosphere. Food is what gets both of us the most excited and new dining experiences are just the best. I cannot wait to go back there and try some of their other unique menu items. I’d call my date night a success!

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