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Monday Montage: Adulting

I don’t know why but I am absolutely exhausted.  This weekend was busier than I originally planned, but I did get an average of 8 hrs of sleep a night and took a nap both days. Nap?! I am NOT a napper but clearly my body needed it.

This was my Friday night.


I was too tired to cook anything so this was dinner. I ended up having 2 glasses of wine and a few handfuls of croutons before I passed out on the couch around 9. Such a glamorous life I lead.

Saturday started off with a trip the the dog park


Terrible picture right? That’s what I get for trying to take a pic while walking. That white blob is Casey taking off into the woods!

After the walk, Brian and I went on a little adventure. I have decided that he and I are getting into Geocaching this summer. Geocaching is essentially a worldwide scavenger hunt. People hide small boxes and trinkets throughout the town and you use your phone and GPS coordinates to track and locate the cache! We found our first one in Saturday!


I cannot wait to see what adventures geocaching has in store for us this summer.

Later that day Nolan and I headed to Home Depot to look at some fencing and garden supplies. OVER.WHELMING.


We are hoping to begin fencing in our backyard this summer so we really just went to look at pricing and materials. To be honest, we walked around for about an hour  pretending we had a clue what we were doing. We didn’t buy anything fence wise but we did end up leaving with a few bags of mulch.


We rewarded ourselves for all that adulting with lunch at Beer Works. Yum!


On Mother’s Day, we celebrated with my mom and that side of the family with a delicious brunch. I realized on my way home that I didn’t take any pictures while I was there but here are some recent pics with my mommy.

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing and indoor


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

We look nothing alike, huh?

Sunday night consisted of a nap, a quick walk on the treadmill, and some very minimal food prep for the week. More of that to come tomorrow!

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