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This Week’s Eats {5/16/17}

One day down, 4 more to go! IDK what is wrong but I am still feeling so tired and just off. Ever have those weeks?  Luckily it’s supposed to get really warm so hopefully the nice weather will get me out of my mini funk. I also had my final professional development class yesterday after work!

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Because I have been feeling so blah, I looked for as little to do prep wise as possible this week. I am also trying to get some more calories into my meals to boost my energy level.


This week for breakfast there was no prep involved, except buying the ingredients. Half an avocado on a Thomas English Muffin. I am a huge avocado fan and spread over bread with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper is about as good as it gets! It’s also portable which means I can hit snooze once or twice in the a.m and still get to work on time. My mornings have also been starting off great because Nolan and I stocked up on coffee this weekend.


Let me tell you, if you aren’t buying your k-cups at Christmas Tree Shop you’re an idiot. An 80 pack of Green 20170515_202142Mountain Coffee for $25?!?! That’s about $0.30 cents a cup!


As I said, I’m going low maintenance this week so Chobani it is for snack this week.


For lunch I baked (actually Nolan did because I was napping) a few chicken breasts with olive oil and Spicy Montreal Chicken seasoning. I plan to have a salad every day, switching up the veggies and dressings each day. Today I covered the chicken in buffalo sauce and topped it with Ken’s light Ranch dressing.


Super low key but flavorful.

So as I said, not a ton of prep done this week but it’s makes for mindless lunch packing and morning functioning. Nolan also made a lot of extra bonus chicken when he made my lunch. We already used some for dinner last night because I didn’t get home from my class until 6:30, and I’m sure it will find it’s way into a quick and easy meal later this week.

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