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Date Night: Dah Mee

Last week was Nolan’s turn to plan date night. When it’s your “turn” it’s your responsibility to plan the date, drive, and pay. Yes we share $ but we each have separate accounts as well. Having the other pay just feels more special even though it’s all inevitably coming out of the same place. Romantic, huh? 😉 Anyway, Nolan took me to a new-to-me restaurant called Dah Mee in the next town over. This is a Thai, Japaneese restaurant that is usually really intimidating to me. When I am out of my cultural element my order is limited to the words on the menu I can pronounce. Since Nolan had been here a few times he actually ordered for me, old school style.

We started with an order of Shumai- steamed shrimp dumplings which were excellent and full of flavor. We split two entrees the Ok Dol Bi Bim Bab (Stone Pot)- Display of exotic vegetable, egg touch of sesame oil on top of rice in a sizzling stone pot; served with miso soup and Korean hot chili sauce on the side and the house lo mein special with pork.


We played a game of musical chopsticks, constantly grabbing off the other person’s plate. This type of food is never something I order so this was such a nice change and really really good.

On our way home Nolan stopped at Dairy Queen and bought me an ice cream. The perfect ending to the date.


It’s funny, Nolan and I have been together since March 2006. We stopped going on “dates” 10 years ago. We live together and talk consistently by text throughout every day. However having a “date night” feels different. I can’t explain it but our attitude and the way we talk and treat each other is just different on those nights.

Before he got home from work on this day I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and was a sweaty mess. Instead of just rolling with it,  I actually showered, got dressed up, and put on makeup for our date which was just so fun and yes a little corny. On this date Nolan didn’t tell me where we were going and I was giddy the whole way to the restaurant. It’s so important when you have been together as long as we have to keep those feelings alive and to still do special things together.

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