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Monday Montage: Yardwork

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. It was absolutely beautiful outside and I think I spent about 95% of it in my yard.  As a result I of course got a little sunburn but it felt so good to soak up the sun.

This weekend the focus was yard work.

I mowed my first lawn! Ok, I know that might sound girly and pathetic, but I have two brothers so I never mowed the lawn at home, and last summer we had a severe drought so Nolan only cut the grass a few times all summer.


My lines might not be straight but I was so proud of my work!


Yard work ALSO meant yet another trip to Home Depot….


We found ourselves there on Saturday afternoon getting more mulch because what I have learned is that a bag of mulch looks a LOT bigger than it really is. How many bags do you think it took to cover this area? Guess.


TWELVE! The answer is twelve.  Unreal amount. We did red in the back and black in a few spots in the front yard. It was a lot of work but we are so happy with how it looks!


After an afternoon of yard work, I decided to take it easy the rest of the day and threw together a little snack after a quick trip to Trader Joe’s.


I capped off the night with a fire in our fire pit. <3


Sunday started with a trip to the dog park and then guess where? Yup, back to Home Depot.

Nolan and I were determined to build our own garden bed for our back yard but the necessary lumber just won’t fit in either of our little Mazda sedans. Luckily my in laws and their truck were making a trip to HD themselves so we tagged along and took full advantage of their trunk space.


I will admit, I was VERY skeptical about our abilities to build something from scratch but before we knew it…



I am so excited about this garden! It’s a 8′ x 4′ x 11″. We are going to keep it simple this year because we have a lot of critters in our back yard and we are not sure how this garden thing is going to go.


Next weekend we will go BACK to HD and begin planting. Summer is so close I can taste it!

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