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This Week’s Eats {05/23/17}

Hump day! Officially halfway through the week, and only 17 1/2 days left in the school year. Who’s counting? This teacher. This time of year I always feel so scattered. Confession: These posts always make it look like I have my shit together. Food prep is a life saver and from 7am-3pm I DO usually have my shit together. But as I type this, I am sitting on my patio, post run so that’s at least a victory, eating a Sporky Pizza from Bertuccis drinking wine. I just want to be clear that although I am organized with my food for the first few hrs of the day, sometimes pizza and wine on a Wednesday is necessary.

For breakfast this week I made a hash-ish mixture. I used 3 potatoes, a package of white mushrooms, an onion, a bag of Trader Joe’s shredded brussels sprouts, and 3 link of TJ’s Sweet Apple Chicken Sausages. I had never tried this sausage flavor before from TJ’s but I am LOVING them. They have a nice but not overly sweetness to them that makes them perfect for breakfast. At 120 calories a link, they are so worth it. Try them!

Image result for trader joe's apple chicken sausages

I am trying to get as many veggies into my breakfast this week as possible because I have a feeling our dinners are going to be a bit unhealthy with our schedule. Hence the Wednesday pizza purchase. It’s all about balance, right? Each morning I heat up a serving of hash, and take 2 minutes to fry up an egg. I heart runny yolks and it gives this hash so much flavor and texture. And of course, a few tbsp of ketchup. 🙂


I am keeping snack simple this week too. I am sick of yogurt, so I’m going with the exciting banana + cheese stick combo. Super exciting, right?


For lunch I used one of my favorite 3 ingredient chicken meals  and cooked 2 chicken breasts in the crock pot with onion and bbq sauce. On the side I steamed some baby carrots to go with is. Very little prep. It looks remarkably like this, minus the salad. Creature of habit apparently.

IMAG4471Last week’s decision to freeze 2 of the 5 portions of lunch left Thursday and Friday’s lunch fresh so I am doing the same thing this week. That’s a little tip from me to you inspired food preppers.

Ok, back to my pizza and wine. Enjoy the week everyone!

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