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Date Night: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Happy Friday!! I hope everyone enjoyed their week and has something to look forward to this weekend. I am siked to have the 3 days off to recharge and hopefully enjoy some nice weather.

Last week since it was my turn to host Date Night, I bough tickets to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at the 3D IMAX theater in town. Now it’s very rare for Nolan and I to go to the movies together because we have pretty opposite taste in films. He is very into the Marvel, X-Men, superhero movies and I am not. At all. So usually we wait for a few weeks after they come out and then stream them from a movie site online so we aren’t paying $24 to see a movie that one of us doesn’t want to see. However, because date night is about making the other person happy, and because Nolan was really excited to see this one, I bought tickets. He loved it and because it was in 3D I was thoroughly entertained and really enjoyed it.

Since the tickets were pricey and because we have been eating out a lot we opted to come home after the movie and just have snacks and drinks at home. I had recently made a trip to Trader Joe’s so I had lots of goodies on hand to much on. I am obsessed with brie and TJ’s prices are always reasonable and their selection endless. I paired it with their Fig and Olive crisps which are VERY crispy FYI. Like, break a tooth crispy, but packed with flavor and bits of deliciousness. This cheese/ cracker combo is out of this world. 20170520_174732


I also used a few TJ ingredients to create a little sangria cocktail. Red wine, sparkling water and frozen fruit is my favorite and very low cal sangria recipe. When it comes to buying frozen fruit I generally stay away from strawberries because they get really soggy and take up a lot of space in the bag, but I really like them in sangria mixtures.


It was the perfect ending to a long week and a great date. 🙂




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