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This Week’s Eats {06/7/17}

After last week’s lack of food prep I really wanted to get back on track this week. Something else I noticed after last weeks eats is just how different my body feels when I eat bread and other gluteny carbs throughout the day. A large number of people with thyroid disease also have celiac disease. In fact, thyroid disorders are 4 times more likely in those with celiac disease than the typical population. With my hypothyroidism I have certainly noticed a gluten /metabolic connection. Now I would rather die than never eat another Bertucci’s roll but I am making an effort to limit gluten throughout the day. Bottom line, there is no bread in this weeks eats. (but of course there will be plenty of gluten in some dinners this week.)

Breakfast this week is semi-prepped. We left a graduation party on Sunday with a huge veggie platter so I cut up and cooked some of them to add to scrambled eggs each morning. Multi colored bell peppers, carrots, and broccoli. I’m also planning an egg-drop STEM activity with my 5th graders this week, so the more empty egg cartons I have the better 😉


Snack this week is cottage cheese. My mom got me hooked on the chive flavor and I’m hoping the garden vegetable flavor is just as good. I love the cute little single serve cottage cheese products out there today, but from what I have seen they are really high in sugar and pretty pricey when you compare it to the full size price. So I have been buying big, and packing 1/2-3/4 of a cup for snack each day.


I am so excited about my lunches this week. I tried another new-to-me product from Trader Joe’s and they are not disappointing me. 20170604_202032Spiral cut veggies is something else I really wanted to try but they take a lot of effort to make. This box of pre-spiraled frozen carrots cost …I honestly don’t remember how much but it couldn’t be more than $3. I cooked them up in a skillet according to the directions on the box. After about 10 minutes they look like this!

20170606_173257I bought two boxes of these and cut each box into two servings, totaling 4 meals. (One day this week I will bring a leftover stuffed pepper for lunch). I had never really had vegetable “noodles” before so I wasn’t 100% sure what to serve them with but I settled on pairing them with TJ’s Italian style chicken sausages and some marinara sauce. I cannot stress enough how great their chicken sausages are, and only 110 calories per link. I plan on eating them all.summer.long.

20170606_173853It doesn’t really make sense but this lunch is HITTING the spot this week. I’m shocked at how much flavor is in these spirals and how well they pair with spaghetti sauce and the flavor of these sausages. I mean I knew it would be decent but man is it blowing my mind. I know I sound like an irrational food nerd but I get so excited when I find something easy and affordable that I love. These spirals will definitely be a repeat buy, and I hope they come out with different vegetable spirals in the future. Once again TJ’s knocks it out of the park.

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