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Summer Time!

I did not plan on not blogging for the past 2 weeks, but the end of the school year kicked my ass. It was a whirlwind of emotions, as I said goodbye to probably the best class I will ever have. I was so sad to see this crew go, but at the same time so excited to start my summer vacation. Unlike some teachers, I do NOTHING kid related during the summer. No camps, no tutoring, no nothing and I am so siked to just relax and not hear “Mrs Sullivan!!!” 200+ times a day.


My classroom right after the kids left on the last day of school

The next day I had to go in and get some paperwork done and the custodians had already cleaned out my furniture to begin summer cleaning.



Sad to see, but now I am officially on vacation! Here are a few pics of what I have been up to so far…

My summer reading…


Each summer I try to read as many 5th grade friendly books as possible. This is my first round of reading and I have already gotten through a few. The bottom two are for online courses I am taking which will probably be pretty time consuming but very useful next year.

The summer crew!


My brother Brian is home from his junior year of college and he is the only other person  who has the summer off. If you have been reading this blog for any great length of time you know that he is my summer BFF and we start off each morning with a hike at Callahan State Park with Casey The Dog. Of the three of us, it might be Casey who is most excited for the summer 😉

The summer BFF also turned 21 last week which means this summer is going to be better than ever.


Other than these pictures, I have spent a lot of time cleaning up the house and picking up the slack left behind from the last few weeks of end-of-the-year exhaustion. I have also gotten back into a cooking routine, which certainly fell by the wayside the last few weeks-which I am certainly seeing on the scale and feeling in my clothes. I am planning on running on the treadmill for the first time in weeks today. My body has really gotten used to walking and hiking so we will see how that goes.

I am putting together a summer bucket list to make sure that I stay active and have some basic goals. Having the summer months off sounds very exciting and glamorous, but it can get boring real fast. It’s very easy to sit around binging things like tv shows, games, and food- so it always helps me to have a few set things I hope to accomplish. One thing on the list-finish unpacking the boxes from our move, which happened….last July. Ambitious, huh?

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