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Garden Update #1

Welcome to the jungle.


Guys, I am SHOCKED at the growth of this garden! I am not at all a green thumbed person. In fact, I don’t own a flower vase because Nolan rarely gets me flowers because he knows I won’t take care of them and they will be dead in 2 days.  When I planted Memorial Day weekend, it looked as follows…

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I remember as I was happily planting Nolan asked me if I had bothered to check the plant tags to see how much space I needed to leave in-between each plant. I of course said no because I am not a green thumbed person so I didn’t realize that was a thing. I thought it looked like there was plenty of room for things to grow, thinking UP, not OUT and shit was I wrong. Very wrong.


It turn out that half of the plants I bought (zucchini, summer squash, and cucumbers) are viney and spread out immensely. It’s like something out of Jumanji, these vines. I keep going out and adjusting them, hoping they will start to grow up the fence and not out across to the tomatoes but they are really starting to take over and it’s problematic to say the least.

On the plus side my pepper plants are looking great and I already have the cutest little pepper ever!


I can’t tell you how proud I am of this pepper. Defying the odds and growing in MY garden! In addition, I also have a few baby tomatoes popping out! My tomato plants have gone rogue and are all tangled up together but at least things appear to be happening.


Next year I will have learned my lesson and I will build a second garden box that will be just for vine vegetables but for now, I am crossing my fingers that I will get a salad or two out of this garden.

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