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Garden Update: #2

Well the garden went full Jumanji and I needed to roll the dice and take control of the game.

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the tomato plants and the squash had completely gone rogue and destroyed the fence. Like knocked the fence over with it’s girth. And don’t get me started on the cucumbers. Those vines keep trying to choke the other plants to death so every morning I have to go out and clip the vines that have wrapped themselves around the stems of other plants. Every.Morning. They are nuts and I probably won’t plant those next year because they are murderers and way too hard to control.

Yesterday I found myself at where else- Home Depot- at 9am. I bought garden stakes and a garden Velcro to hold the stems of the tomato plants and direct them up instead of out and all over the fucking place.

Garden stakes are just one of the many things I will do differently with my garden next year.

Anyway, I have squash!!!

I am so proud of the zucchini and summer squash that have sprouted this week. I have at least 5 growing, and soooo many flowers waiting to be pollinated. And although I am uncomfortable with the number of bees in my backyard -(Kara, it’s your nightmare!) I cannot wait to harvest my first veggy. -Food nerd- I know.

I now have many little bell peppers sprouting…

…and easily 65 tomatoes of various sizes. (I have 4 cherry tomato plants, and 4 beefsteak plants.)

I’m not gunna lie, I easily spend 45 minutes a day just standing in my backyard staring at this bundle of food growing with a mix of pride and complete surprise. I know I’ve said it before but I cannot stress enough how bad I generally am with living things. If you have been reading since the beginning you might remember the little plant that couldn’t- the time I tried to grow cherry tomatoes from my apartment balcony with the most pathetic of all results.  One tomato?! That’s worse than just dying I think. That plant showed me-“yes, I am completely capable of growing and producing fruit, but you are awful and killed me.” Oh, how far I have come from that tiny balcony. 😀

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