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Our New Pup: Korben

For as long as I can remember, Nolan and I have been dreaming of our first dog. Even in college we looked at Petfinder, longing for a puppy. We are constantly checking local shelters, we attend adoption events, and rarely does a day go by without Nolan sending me adoptable dogs. Well finally this week we took one home.

With 6 weeks left in my summer vacation, and our fence being built this weekend this was the perfect time for a new addition. On Tuesday morning, our local shelter where our families have adopted a few dogs from in the past, put up their pictures of new rescues that had come in over the weekend. When I saw the picture of “Charlie” I knew he was ours. 

I mean COME ON!!! I can’t describe the feeling I had when I saw this guy, but it seriously brought me to tears, as cheesy as that sounds, because I just knew he was the one we had been searching for for so long. No surprise, Nolan felt the same, so we jumped in the car and got to the shelter the second it opened. 24 hrs later we brought him home.

He is a 2 – 2 1/2 year old lab and Carolina Dog mix breed who is house broken and so far great on a leash. He’s 55 lbs, but looks a bit skinny, so he will probably be closer to 60 lbs when healthy. His appetite has been great so far, but he is scared.of.everything. His biggest fear seems to be the main road we live on and the noisy cars which makes me think he was living outside on the streets for quite some time which breaks my heart. His last foster said he loved off leash hiking, and is very easily trained and responds to commands.

We named him Korben after Korben Dallas in The Fifth Element, which we have always thought would be an amazing dog name.

He is definitely overwhelmed by all the travel and change that has taken place over the last few days but he is an absolute LOVE. He whines when he needs to go out, loves to be touched, but we haven’t heard him bark yet. His look is so unique, in that he looks completely different from every angle.

Head on, he almost looks like a pit…

Other times he looks more lab

but other times he is all shephard

I mean look at those ears! 

Either way his handsome guy has made himself right at home and we are in love. 

I am trying very hard not to over stimulate him and just let him decompress for a few days. I can’t wait for him to meet Casey the Dog and to take him on his first hike at Callahan.


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