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No Longer 20-Something

Well, I’m 30.

I’ve never been someone who really cares or worries about getting older. In fact, I have always enjoyed aging because for a long time I was a 20-something who looked like a 16 yr old and it sucked.  Side story: Whenever I go out to buy school supplies for my classroom, I get asked the same question, ” What high school do you go to?” I’m the fucking teacher!#$@$#$!$ I always want to yell but that’s a whole other blog post.

No longer being in my 20’s to me, means I don’t have to feel guilty about about choosing to sit on the couch in my pajamas over going out and being social. I’m old now! One thing I am NOT looking forward to is the increased frequency of  “When are you going to have kids?!” Clock is ticking, eggs are dying, motherhood will change your life, blah blah blah. At least when I got the question before I could say “Eh, we are still in our 20’s. Plenty of time!” but that defense no longer holds up. But to the dismay of our friends and family, we have at LEAST another year, maybe two before we want kids.

Never did I imagine that I would be where I am in life by the age of 30. Never. I have so many incredible things to celebrate.

I am so happily married…

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To have met and married my person at such a young age is something I am eternally grateful for. I know it’s very cliche but I cannot imagine my life without Nolan and having a partner to share all the ups and downs with.

I have my dream job. Like, dream. I am so fortunate to work in an incredible school system surrounded by so much support and community. To get to do what I love (and have gotten pretty good at!) and enjoy getting up every morning is something I never take for granted.

I own my own home which is something I never dreamed would happen before I was 30. It’s the most adult-thing in my life right now and the puzzle piece that makes me feel most successful.

Image result for 933 old conn path framingham

And I am a doggie-mommy

I mean come on-look at that face!! This little guy is my shadow and gives me that unconditional love that makes my heart just melt.

(yes, I have about 700 pictures of Korben on my phone)

It can feel really uncomfortable and like a faux pas to compliment yourself but I am just so proud of the life Nolan and I have built together and all the things we have both accomplished at our age. Too often we focus on what we still have left to do and all the goals we have yet to accomplish but it’s important to stop and savor life’s current flavors. So no, I didn’t freak out or have anxiety about exiting my 20’s. I’m so excited to see what changes, challenges, and adventures happen in the next few years!



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