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Doggie Ice Cake

One of the best things about being a dog owner, besides the overwhelming cuteness and the unconditional love, is that I have someone new to cook for! I mean come on, we all knew it wouldn’t be long before I was cooking for my pup.

In the last few weeks we have had some hot humid days so I have been looking for creative ways to cool Korben down. One thing I came across on Pinterest was the concept of an “ice cake”. Essentially it’s a giant ice cube with treats and toys frozen inside. I thought it would be such a fun and entertaining way for my pup to cool down after our afternoon walks. Now that I have gotten to know him and his favorite flavors, I got cooking-or freezing. Korben is still terrified of all toys (weird, right?), so for this cake I stuck to food.

I filled a plastic Tupperware container  about 4/5 of the way up with a mix of water and low sodium chicken broth. Then I picked some of Korben’s favorite treats and sprinkled them in. I tried to pick things that had different weights so that they wouldn’t all just sink to the bottom. This cake was filled with blueberries, a Trader Joe’s chicken strip treat (of course my dog is a TJ’s lover!) broken into large pieces, and half a hot dog sliced up really thin. It froze for about 3 hrs then I popped it out and let him have at it!

Oh man did he love it! He spent a good hour licking the cake, pulling out all the prizes and eventually chomping it to bits. 

I have made a few more since then, mixing in treats and leftover meat and vegetables from our dinners and Korben has loved them all. *I should note that our vet wants him to gain about 5 ish pounds because he’s still a bit ribby, so the extra food has been good for him. Once he gets to his goal weight, I will fill these cakes with much more water and broth and things like carrots, green beans, and lower cal dog treats. It’s a delicious way to keep the dog hydrated and occupied on these hot summer days!




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