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Doggie Ice Cream

Another way to help your pup cool down is with a frosty treat. You can go to your grocery store and spend a fortune on products like Frosty Paws or you can use simple dog friendly ingredients found in your kitchen and make your own for a fraction, and I mean fraction of the cost.

The first time I went to make these treats, I used an ice cube tray to freeze the treats and it worked fine. They were a bit tricky to get out, but they held their shape in a freezer bag -no problem. I knew from the moment Korben scarfed down his first cube that I was going to be making these a ton, so I invested in some silicone doggie molds so I can freeze with ease and eventually use them to bake treats as well. As I said, ice cube trays work fine, but these were only $9.99 on Amazon.

The first ice cream flavor I tried was peanut butter banana. Peanut butter has natural fats and protein that is good for dogs, in moderation of course. However there can be some ingredients added to pb that can be harmful to pups so make sure you use a pb with a short and simple ingredient list.

In a bowl I mixed two bananas, a cup of non fat plain yogurt, and about a cup of peanut butter. I mixed it all together until it was pretty smooth, and then poured it into the molds. I ended up making a ghetto piping bag out of plastic bag to fill the molds more evenly. 

After a few hrs in the freezer these frosty paws were ready to go! They popped out so easily and looked adorable.

Korben could eat the whole plate at once. He loves these things!

The second batch I tried was blueberry coconut. I used a cup of plain fat free yogurt, 1 banana, 2/3 cup of coconut oil, 1/3 cup of water and blueberries. I blended the oil, water, yogurt, and banana together and before I poured it into the molds I filled each paw point with a blueberry. The mixture then got poured all over the berries.

These clearly look the best-no sticky peanut butter involved, and they smell amazing! Because coconut oil hardens so quickly when cooled, they held their shape very well. Coconut oil is great for dogs skin, immune system, digestion, bones, eyes, and even teeth! They can take it orally like in these doggy ice creams, or you can apply it topically to their skin or fur. Some dogs can be allergic but Korben seems to love it. Again, since we are trying to get him to put on a few more pounds, I’m not worried about the extra fat. Eventually when he’s at his goal weight I will up the water-to-coconut oil ratio.


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