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Garden Update: #3

It’s been about a month since I posted a garden update and things are looking quite different out there!

First off, it’s total anarchy. In a shocking turn of events, the vines have subsided and the cherry tomato plants have taken power over the iron garden. We recently fenced in our yard, so I am debating just taking the fence down and letting everything run wild because right now it’s just holding the plants back in a bad way.

You can barely even see those stakes I put in in July. Note to self: get 6 food stakes next year. There are tomatoes EVERYWHERE so after I took this picture I did a little creative organizing so that the peppers could get some sun. On the plus side, everyday I am getting lots and lots of cherry tomatoes which are just my favorite!

This was two days worth of harvest. I have been popping these things like candy, but also enjoying them with a new-to-me hummus that my mom turned me onto.

So much flavor in this combo. I can’t wait for my beefsteaks to ripen, which seems to finally be happening. 


Remember that huge green pepper that I have been crushing on the last few months? Well he’s all grown up and starting to turn red!

And there are plenty of other peppers growing in the garden, some which will be red, others will stay green.

Cucumbers seem to be popping up everywhere, as those vines have stretched out throughout the whole garden. There are about 8 that I can see right now and each one is a unique shape.

I will say I am pretty disappointed with my squash. The squash plant leaves are huge and seem to be blocking the sun from getting to the roots and as a result two of my plants have completely rotted down to the roots. Although I have gotten a few good zucchini and summer squash…

Image may contain: foodImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, food

…most of the squash have started off great, and then start to rot before they get big enough to pick. Any idea why? There are still a few growing right now, one that should be pickable soon and a few flowers popping up so I am hoping new, healthy ones will grow over the next few weeks. 

I truly can’t believe how simple keeping the garden has been. I mean if I can do this, anyone can with the right space. And the fresh produce just tastes so much better than anything I can buy in the grocery store and much cheaper than our local farm’s produce. I highly recommend trying a home garden to everyone out there!





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