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Puppy Picnic

This time of year is so strange for me. I saw a meme the other day that basically sums it up…

Image result for august is sunday of summer

It’s just so true, especially for us teachers. See there are a few emotions taking place this time of year.

1- I look at the calendar, realize I haven’t worked in exactly 8 weeks, look at my optimistic and still stocked summer to-do-list and think what the fuck have I been doing for 2 months?!?!

2- Panic/guilt because I feel like I wasted summer and now feel the need to “do something” with my day, (so overrated btw)

3- I am sooooo ready to get back to life. To me, summer truly is a vacation. I don’t even feel like the same person. You know that feeling you get when you have been away for awhile and you’re just ready and anxious to get home? That “It’s a great place to visit but I wouldn’t wanna live there” type of a deal. That’s essentially my August.  Don’t get me wrong, having the summer off is INCREDIBLE but it’s just a temporary break from my life, which feels like it doesn’t start until the school year does.

Sidenote: You know how after you visit a new place for a while you start to pick up the accent? Well I  have  dog-owner-voice from just talking to my dog all day. Oooo you know the voice. “Who’s a good boy? Does someone need to go OUT? Who’s the most hansdomest boy in all the land?!” Yup-puke city. I neeeeeed to be back around adults all day.

So anyway, after a quiet reflection talking this over with Korben this morning at length, I decided to take advantage of having this beautiful sunny day off.

After a 3 mile walk around the neighborhood, breakfast, and binge watching 4 episodes of Friends on Netflix (yes, I watch a lot of tv and I’m not too ashamed of it) I headed down to a local pond with the pup, hoping to finally get him swimming and enjoying the water.

It took some leash pulling….

…but eventually he swam a bit! He however gets his love of the beach from Nolan, which means once he was out of the water he didn’t understand why we needed to be there and kept trying to escape to the car so we left.

We headed home and I threw together a picnic bag and headed to one of my favorite spots, the Grist Mill.

Puppy picnic! For lunch I packed leftover spaghetti squash, topped with ground turkey, marinara sauce, and a few spoonfuls of Ricotta. For Korben, I made a little doggy trail mix of various broken up treats and dry dog food. Plenty of water of course.

I was shocked at how good he was! While I read my book and soaked up the sun, he laid in the shade and kept a watchful eye on me and everyone who came near.

Sun’s out, tongue’s out!

After about an hr and a half we headed home from our puppy picnic and played in the back yard. Then around 4 I made myself a little snack and finished my book on the patio.

I finally had a ripe beefsteak tomato from the garden and I couldn’t wait to dive in! And yes, that is wine. Yes it was 4:00 on a Wednesday, but I have nowhere to be until August 28th. 😉





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