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My name is Katy and I am a 28 year old teacher with a passion for food. Cooking, grocery shopping, eating, I love it all. My husband and I are always trying out new recipes and culinary creations, and we are happiest entertaining and feeding a house full of people. With student loans and low paying wages, we are eating on a budget and always make the most of the ingredients we have.  I have always been one who rushes to get to the end of the road and often miss out on the journey itself. I am vowing to slow down, be patient, and savor life one day at a time!



Carnivore, Salty Snack lover, Sports fanatic

usAnd my favorite place to be (and eat) besides the kitchen is camping in Cape Cod

osiaFoods I love: Steak, sushi, coffee, berries, burgers, pizza, chips & dip, and anything cooked on a grill.

Foods I hate: Olives and blue cheese. YUCK!

Favorite quote: “Half the victories in life come from the confidence in the belief that you’re going to win” – My grandfather :-)

Key Words/phrases:

Bonus Chicken- The extra chicken you cook at the beginning of the week and leave in the fridge for last minute meals.

Cooking Beer– The beer you drink while cooking. Usually half of it goes into the food you are making.

Cushing Memorial ParkThe local park where I go running

Musical Forks When you share food at a restaurant and pass bites of a meal back and forth.

My Favorite running partner- My brother Brian. Also asthmatic and hates running


Nolan: My husband. He is really tall, loves buffalo chicken, playing guitar, and cooking. We met in college and have been together since March 2006.


My Family- (L-R) Mom Dad, Brian(19), Chris(25).

I lost my dad, after a 20+ year battle with diabetes, in September 2014.


Exercise- I hate it, but I do it anyway, not as much as I should

Volleyball – I play at a local gym in the fall and spring.

 Asthma– I have had it for as long as I can remember and it’s always a battle!

Hypothyroidism- Diagnosed in 2012

Hypothyroidism: (Underactive thyroid) is a condition in which your thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough of certain important hormones.  Your thyroid gland (a small, butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of the front of your neck) affects the rate at which your body uses fats and carbohydrates, helps control your body temperature, influences your heart rate, and helps regulate the production of protein.


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